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Urban traffic congestion, representing a recurring problem in large metropolises, slows mobility and has a negative impact on the environment, local economy and quality of life as well. Despite significant efforts on the modal shift from car to other modes of transport for more than a decade, impacts remain limited.

In this context, in which the development of sustainable solutions becomes urgent, public, private and academic stakeholders of the agglomeration, under the leadership of Grand Lyon, have decided to join their expertises within the Optimod’Lyon project. Information, which is the strategic leverage to make behaviours evolve and optimise network management, is at the core of the project. The aim of Optimod’Lyon is to collect, centralise and process the whole urban mobility data on a unique platform, and to create innovative services which will facilitate travels and life of users. Based on ITS technologies, this project will allow reducing the share of private car use by providing credible alternatives and thereby help to facilitate urban travels of both individuals and freight professionals.

This programme, at the scale of a metropolis, is a world first and a unique opportunity for the partner companies to develop their technological expertises and innovations, and to generate concrete economic spin-offs. This will also assert the positioning of Grand Lyon within the leaders of major European metropolises active in urban mobility field.

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